Techifide’s unique model of Offshore outsourcing for software development relies on bringing together two cultures. This is only possible through the close relationships and shared vision of the senior team. Each understands deeply their respective part of the business and, more importantly, how to motivate and get the best out of the people they lead.

Ivan and Leandro - Techifide

Comprising a diverse range of experience, specialist backgrounds and personalities, Techifide’s leadership is both passionate and considered. Sharing its founder’s vision for the company, each brings their own perspective to
company decision-making.

Technical leadership resides Offshore with Pablo and Herminio, supporting developers with solutions-
focussed knowledge and deep full stack developer expertise. Leading operationally and ensuring a seamless, collaborative link across continents, Juliana and Gesebel bring diplomacy, communications excellence and maintain standards. Ivan leads from the UK on the commercial and client side of the business, using his natural people skills to understand client needs and manage outsourced projects effectively to completion. The whole team value and subscribe to Agile working practices as the gold standard for software development.

They have established together a combined Techifide culture, which emphasises personal investment in productive and enjoyable ways of working to a respectful, universal Code of Conduct. This proves itself by attracting the highest levels of skilled developer commitment in the region.

Leandro Medeiros

Techifide is a humanized company that cares about its employees’ wellbeing and self-realization. It is a company that understands completely that their employees are the most valuable asset. It promotes an environment of trust, commitment, and friendship. I could not imagine a better place to work.
Leandro Medeiros

Ivan and Leandro have both been in the development business for over 20 years and prioritise developing long-term partnerships, both within the business and with clients. They understand that investing in culture and relationships is the best way to ensure their teams work well together and continue to achieve exceptional results for our clients.