Gesebel Nardon

Techifide Head Team

Gesebel’s journey to Techifide is an unusual one. With an academic background in history and graduating in journalism, her speciality is social communications and she brings this valuable perspective to even the most technical conversations at work.

One of three siblings, she’s used to being an outnumbered voice and isn’t afraid to speak her mind in a traditionally male-dominated industry. She and the other women at Techifide are a force to be reckoned with, yet always with the aim of a win-win outcome for projects.

Although she’s enthusiastic about technology, she’s a creative at heart. Her passion is music and she first sang in a band at 20, though now enjoys singing with her husband and two children at home during lockdown. She’s looking forward to a time when their legendary parties can begin again.

Seeing herself as “a constantly evolving human being,” Gesebel’s range of talents include languages and teaching. She qualified as a Portuguese language teacher, travelling interstate to do so, whilst heavily pregnant with her son. When he was just 40 days old, she had to leave him to complete her final exams.

If I could describe myself in one word, it would be Resilience
Gesebel Nardon

It was 2016 when Gesebel’s husband convinced her that her appetite for understanding the meaning of how things work, combined with her natural skills and journalistic tenacity, meant she might find a place in the booming software industry. And her experiences with rebellious children in the classroom would also serve her well in negotiations with software developers. So, with his support, she completed a course in software testing, whilst still looking after their young son.

Her first taste of working remotely was for a US software company, who hired her as a junior tester. But she then met Ivan, who saw her potential being unfulfilled and brought her on to learn all about Agile methodology and real end-to-end process. In return, she contributed emotional intelligence, rarely found amongst IT people, and began to break down stereotypes; fostering Techifide’s fun-loving culture by bringing humour to serious code chat.

Realising a life-long dream to emigrate overseas to New Zealand was an opportunity the family couldn’t refuse but when they decided to return home, Ivan was delighted to welcome Gesebel back to Techifide with a promotion and more studying for advanced training.

She has an eagle eye for detail and ensures the testing regimes provide the highest quality software that works for the psychology of the end-user. A tech enthusiast, she brings the “human” into the room, knowing how to motivate people and teams, beyond the logical thinking of code. She also inputs into the business recruitment strategy, where developers are selected not just for their technical abilities but must also have the right attitude to fit in well.

As one of the elder members of the team, she brings her maturity and life experience to projects as a qualified Agile Scrum Master and quickly earns the respect of clients and colleagues with her diplomatic efficiency. Her presence in the business ensures processes are smooth; priorities are defined and understood; obstacles are anticipated and resolved; so tasks can be delivered with minimal fuss and maximum fun.

Gesebel appreciates most of all the professional investment in her and the trust and autonomy she’s earned. She enjoys the shared responsibility she feels for the growth of her team and business ambition. For the first time in her career, she has found genuine professional happiness, in her work and her evolving skills, and in the team spirit, she shares with everyone at Techifide.