Hermínio Brustulim

Techifide Head Team

Hermínio never dreamt about being anything else when he was a boy. He describes his thirst for technology beginning when he was 13 when his father had a shed full of electronics magazines and various technical components and tools. Together they would build small circuits and tinker in the shed for hours.

In his early teens, Hermínio built the infrastructure he needed to start a small pirate radio station with friends and he soon had his own computer, a CP300, on which he studied a programming language called Basic.

Seeing his potential, and being persuaded by his arguments that he was able to complete a course that was aimed at over 18s, his father paid for Hermínio to learn formal programming at the age of 15. He quickly capitalised on this, selling his first-ever program to an events company in his home town, after that he continued developing as a free-lancer until he was 18 when he received a formal job offer as a Clipper programmer.

Herminio Brustulim

He was working in his home town and studying at Fatec-SP University in a nearby city when a position as a programmer in an insurance company in Curitiba was offered to him. Without thinking, he put his studies on hold, handed in his resignation and moved to Curitiba.

After working for fourteen years in the Insurance Company, where he moved up the ladder and held the position of IT Manager, he had a change of heart and left the Insurance Company to start as a partner in a high technology startup.

His three children are all-embracing a love of technology: one is following his footsteps at the prestigious UFPR; one is studying game development in high school; and his nine-year-old is already showing a promising aptitude for English, devouring books and comics faster than his parents can buy them.

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Hermínio Brustulim – Techifide

For Hermínio, the most important things are loyalty and stability. He considers wisely his life choices and rushes nothing, growing his knowledge and experience, from App development to IT, managing teams of as many as 20 across all disciplines of hardware and software development and support.

He brought this wealth of experience to Techifide in 2018 and has no plans to move on, having found somewhere he feels at home. Here he is a valued voice, with responsibility for the team, freedom to experiment with the latest technology, and is involved in decision making. Having seen and done most things, he has an uncanny way of predicting the future and teaching his younger,
more passionate team members how to steer clear of costly mistakes and

Standing up for standards and quality is where Hermínio’s passion lies – he’s seen first hand how stressful situations arise from poor planning and chaotic management, and how easily this can be avoided, along with the associated burnout from working extreme hours. But when issues inevitably arise, his broad knowledge and generalist skillset, covering 17 programming languages, means he can solve almost any problem.

Working remotely is something that he never thought he’d be capable of, with misgivings about self-motivation and discipline but he’s found a new level of productivity in this way of working and can’t see himself ever returning to an office. He credits working from home for his much-improved work-life balance – even if he does spend most of his leisure time programming and tinkering with electronic components and circuit boards…