Juliana Tavares

Techifide Head Team

There’s more to Juliana than meets the eye: by day, she’s a softly-spoken, considered, cerebral analyst but after-hours she transforms into a physical force – letting off stresses by lifting heavyweights in the gym. She trains to relax.

Juliana has been immersed in the world of Quality Assurance (QA) for over a decade. Starting out in banking and finance, she learned the hard way on COBOL, a legacy coding language at the time, how systems are developed and evolved according to changes in their environments, using Agile methodology.

When she was first invited to work as a test analyst, she learned from ‘wiser, older guys’ working on complex automations for e-commerce systems using Java. But the most important thing she learned was how to really understand the needs of the system being developed. She knows that any QA can only be thorough if it’s based on a deep knowledge of user needs and requirements, which means getting as close as possible to the product owner and the business model. Sometimes she understands their needs better than the users themselves!

Her career developed rapidly and when she became Team Leader of a QA department for an insurance firm, she began to realise that her real skills lie in management: getting the most out of people by enabling them to do their best work.

Juliana Tavares

Within a team of eight, there are very different profiles, so I needed to build my own skills in getting the best results for all of us.
Juliana Tavares – Head of QA at Techifide

Nowhere is this more relevant than working in a cross-cultural environment, which Juliana first experienced working for a company based in Washington DC that had both American and Indian teams. Stepping up her English speaking, she also learned the language of back-end developers and testing on a range of APIs.

Responding to her good management, the team supported her to learn the new technologies. And, proactive by nature, she was soon helping to overcome the challenges presented in sprints and building key relationships with scrum masters. Following the development process from close quarters, today helps her and the team better understand how solutions evolve so that their QA can be both iterative and informed.

Today, Juliana still learns – through tips from fellow colleagues and from the formal courses that everyone at Techifide is encouraged to take; hers is a postgraduate qualification in software engineering.

…it would be hard to find a more supportive company
Juliana Tavares – Head of QA at Techifide

As a self-confessed, detail-oriented, methodical, perfectionist, she’s well suited to the fault-finding nature of QA but she knows that a friendly team with shared goals gets better results. So she makes sure that feedback is always non-judgemental. After every sprint, the team share praise for each other’s skills and achievements – Juliana herself often being recognised for juggling many tasks at once. Her remarkable ability to switch between complex projects in an instant and make sense of everything is well appreciated by everyone around her. She’s also known as one of the most supportive co-workers.

Juliana loves the fact that all she needs is a laptop and the internet, so she can do her work wherever in the world she happens to be at the time. She knows that roaming remote working has its communication challenges but the lifestyle benefits definitely outweigh the difficulties for her.