Pablo Veiga

Techifide Head Team

Pablo recalls himself as a shy kid. He was a good student and focussed on getting his grades. Although he was likeable, only his close friends really knew his fun-loving clown character. And this loyalty to friends is still very important; his generous spirit means he shares what he has with those closest to him so that he can enjoy it more.

It wasn’t until he began working that Pablo started to communicate more. And nowadays, it’s hard to stop him – he’s making up for lost time! He first discovered the importance of communication skills at his first job after high school – selling clothes in a retail store to a wide variety of customers:

Pablo Veiga

I learned early on that how you talk to people matters just as much as what you say
Pablo Veiga

Today at Techifide, he uses this charm and positivity to inspire and motivate the team.

Always interested in technology, he saved his first three salary payments to spend on his first computer and continued to work so he could support himself whilst studying a course in systems admin programming.

Hearing about an opportunity for an internship where he could learn more about hardware, he jumped at the chance, leaving a stable job behind. And he continued to progress through several jobs this way, with the conviction that success or failure depended only on his attitude: try it or you’ll never know!

A key job with responsibility for hardware and networks at a school allowed him to progress into public transport infrastructure, with a complex new project implementing fingerprint access technology on a large scale. This enabled Pablo to flex his creativity and skills in bringing people together to solve challenges, something he does daily at Techifide.

By 2013 Pablo had made his way into software development through agency contracting roles but had yet to find the right role which would allow him to shine and fulfil his dream of working from home. He first experienced global remote working with an Australian company, which enabled him to practice his English and hone his cross-cultural teamworking, which he then had to re-calibrate when working for a US company, whose disorganised processes were anathema to his logical approach.

Pablo Veiga

With a history of moving jobs repeatedly, it might seem strange that Pablo has now settled and speaks of staying at Techifide for life! Perhaps it’s because he had to work so hard to get the job – though his application was not accepted first time, he stalked Ivan on LinkedIn and persuaded him to have a conversation rather than solely relying on technical tests for assessment. Pablo is now closely involved in the recruitment strategy for new developers, helping to spot and nurture great talent with the right training.

The real reason is more about the quality of work, processes and lifestyle balance that Techifide offers – minimising stress and maximising calm productivity. This is something Pablo is keen to maintain with his co-ordination of the front-end development team, building personal relationships with everyone, even with a remote team setup.

Pablo much prefers small to medium projects, where the impact is quickly realised and the energy remains high. He is always the first to challenge any approach that may extend timelines or over-complicate delivery; the backbone of Agile principles, on which Techifide model every project.

Outside of work, Pablo values simple pleasures, like watching the sunset on his balcony with a beer, playing guitar and football. He also likes to write and hopes to use the perspective he has gained from his experiences to help people succeed as part of high performing teams.

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