But what makes us different? Here are four reasons:

Immediate specialist resource

We don’t operate a huge outsourcing farm. We only take on the best projects that need our specialist services, so we know we have the resources on hand. If our core developers are fully committed, we use our close personal network to find the right person with the right skills and attitude for the job.

We automate everything

Time is money – cliché but true. We’re always on the look-out for ways to save your effort and increase business impact. We’d rather invest time up front in automating a repetitive task than deliver a project early for a bonus. That’s why our clients trust and value us.

Farshore Brazil

Emerging technology

Our developers love working here because we encourage them to experiment with the latest tools and tech. They have time and space to innovate and try things out so they know what has potential, what works and what doesn’t.


We understand that one of outsourcing’s key drivers is cost. Especially in the case of Offshore Outsourcing. Our unique model means we can keep both cost and risk low. We’re committed to keeping our costs competitive because that keeps us in business.

Techifide’s Outsourcing Program demonstrates an IRR (Internal Rate of Return) well over 100%. Our IT projects are routinely approved with an IRR well under 70%. The savings generated are difficult to match with other initiatives.

Maintaining standards

Outsourcing companies are not all created equal. There are financial gains to be made in the business of resourcing and it can be tempting to maximise the bottom line at the expense of quality. We have a trusted team of Quality Assurance specialists who insist upon rigorous testing and excellence in results. Our Testers are treated with the same respect as our Senior Developers; they understand code and test automation and often challenge developers at code reviews.

But quality isn’t at the cost of progress. We adhere to the Agile Principles of project management, which is the gold standard in effective and efficient delivery of software development. We provide our own Agile Coaching and build teams to work in the most agile way you can imagine – and it works.

Rapid results

By having specialised, experienced teams already comfortable working together, we can provide quality quickly. A central tenet of agile development is the Minimum Viable Product, which is always our priority – getting you to users quicker and demonstrating real world results.

We also learn fast – we get to know how your internal systems, processes and politics work and how we can work alongside them, not against them. We have a job to do but we can do that in a way that works within your actual business context.

Working with us

Everyone in the Techifide team shares our core values – that’s why we’ve all worked together for so many years. We have our own code of conduct that fosters and maintains the relationships we all enjoy – with each other and with our clients. Any new developer joining us must sign up to this code, as well as passing technical and professional interviews.

We privilege long term relationships and we pride ourselves on being there when we’re needed – that’s the same whether we’re actively working on a project or just at the end of the phone when a resource crisis is looming.