Techifide’s first priority is to get you to MVP as quickly and efficiently as possible, so your software can earn its future investment.

What is an MVP?

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a piece of software with just enough functionality to go out to market. Some people confuse the term MVP with the idea of a prototype, which is where a partially-working application will run so that features can be tested.

MVP is actually the whole group of functions your system needs to retain its main characteristics. That array of features is the minimum that can satisfy your first customers. If any of them are missing, it isn’t a true MVP. A prototype will be eventually discarded and turned into software but the MVP remains the live basis for future features that will come onboard by gathering feedback from your users.

A classic example

You may remember when Pokemon Go was first launched, there were just enough features in the app so that people could start catching their prizes. Initially, users couldn’t do much with their avatars but later new features were introduced. Then the Buddy Pokemon was added as an extra feature. Originally they didn’t have all the food and different balls available five years later – many of them were introduced during subsequent releases.

If you’re building a software product business around a unique idea, the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will quickly and cost-effectively allow you to demonstrate to your customers the benefits of your product and how it will address their specific problems.

How do we reach MVP?

Minimum doesn’t mean low quality. It’s important to have an experienced practitioner in the Software Engineering role. They can guide you to which stage might be appropriate for the first release to market. Our expert software architects have expertise in a range tools and techniques that can be used to accelerate the development of a web application, such as NPM, CSS Bootstrap, React, Vue.JS, Node.JS and Gulp.

Why should we launch an MVP?

The development of an MVP will force you to think about all aspects of the product including the functionality, layout and specific requirements for your users. It will allow you to gain invaluable feedback and input from potential customers before developing a full blown product, thus saving you time and money in the longer term.


  • Test the product idea with minimal cost
  • Quickly learn about your product
  • Make your product live for testing as soon as possible

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