BIM Direct - startup wins award

Inside the startup product that won BIM4SME / RICS Award 2017

Today we are celebrating the success of one of our clients: BIM Direct.

BIM Direct provides a streamlined and consistent process covering all stages of the EIR lifecycle, with all content, comments, ratings and history being stored in a single location and easily accessed by users with appropriate access rights.

We worked closely with the BIM Direct team to create a unique and ground breaking piece of software. BIM Direct requirements were:

  • Security following every possible recommendation from OWASP
  • Scalable, API based application
  • Big Data database so that the app is ready large volumes of data
  • Reliability
  • Robustness

The technology adopted are:

  • NGINX servers
  • OrientDB database
  • Angular 2 at the front-end

Techifide would like to thank the OrientDB’s team for the support provided and every developer involved in the project to date, especially Tiago Davi and Rafael Almeida, who worked extremely hard to get the product out on time.

Find out more about the award at BIM Direct wins BIM4SME Award 2017