Techifide specialises is NoSQL Databases and NoSQL Software Development. If your application fits one of the following use cases, then you must use a NoSQL DB to gain application performance:

  1. Customer 360o View
  2. Content Management
  3. Real-time Application
  4. Big Data
  5. Mobile Application
  6. API-Based Application
  7. Digital Communications
  8. Fraud Detection
  9. Product Catalog

If your software application has a complex data structure, the best NoSQL database you can adopt is a Graph Database. Graph DBs support highly complex nets of data with connections in every direction from any element to any element. A typical Graph database would be a social network where people may or may not be connected to each other, like a post, comment on a post, etc.

Another type of NoSQL database is called Document. This database stores a set of key-value pair, where the value is stored as a JSON object. This is a very fast database when retrieving single records, but lacks the ability of storing relationships between elements.

Realistically speaking, in most cases the best option would be a mix of both databases. For that reason we usually recommend OrientDB. OrientDB can go along your software in it’s journey. It suits startups, where budget is limited, as well as large organisations, where the amount of data stored requires sharding and a scalable infrastructure. OrientDB is a “Distributed NoSQL engine capable of working with Graph, Document, Key-Value, GeoSpatial and Reactive models. Any kind of data is searchable and the modeling of the user domain supports Object-Oriented concepts that can be easily extended. Each model is not just a layer, but coexists in one single engine”.

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