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Our general guide for documents to be produced by an Outsourcing Program Manager.

Offshore Program Checklist
Outsource Planning

Offshore Program Checklist

Techifide’s Outsourcing Program Manager should be extended according to the organisation’s needs.

Strategic objectives

Define and communicate Strategic Objectives
Explain the conceptual approach of program
Explain vendors selected, locations, types of applications, etc
Define steering committee
Define decision-making responsibilities
Define success factors
Contact information of Offshore Program Office

Vendor Interface Guidelines

Establish vendor interface guideline
Establish a clear vision of responsibility

Legal Compliance

Initiate a systemwide review of vendor consents
Revamp legal process relating to contracts

Communication Plan

Create a Communication Plan
Impact on Employees
Outline core skills that will be the focus for future onshore positions within IT
Establish sources of ongoing communications
Outline cross-cultural communications

Risk Management

Establish a program-wide risk management program
Program office functions as governance

Documentation & Processes

Establish documentation guidelines
Utilise central storage repository tool accessible by Offshore team
Publish program-wide standards for documentation, such as templates, timeliness and content requirements
Define precise methodology
Include roles and responsibilities of onshore vs offshore team
All expectations to be explicit and in writing
Establish a clear level of accountability
Production environment responsibility for Network Support
Production environment responsibility for Test
Define program-level logistics
Meeting schedule and expectations
Project reporting plan