User Experience

User Experience in Software Outsourcing

User Experience (UX) is taken very seriously at Techifide. We use human-centred design techniques right from the outset, from the paper prototype phase, through MVP, to evolution of the final product.

At each stage, we recommend carrying out user testing, evaluating results, performance, and satisfaction. This can support your business case for future investment in your software as it begins to demonstrate its potential for user delight. But it can also give you advance warning if some of the assumptions made in the design phase turn out not to play out as anticipated.

As a modern, cross-cultural Offshore software development business, we have diversity front of mind. For every project, we consider aspects like accessibility and Internationalisation, and we can assist you in defining the most user-friendly solution for your software User Interface (UI).

The user experience stage of the software engineering process is also a good opportunity to involve important stakeholders within your business and partnerships, so that you can capture and test their requirements with the real users. This can pay dividends in the long run by avoiding derailments at later stages in the project.

We use different UML diagrams to model different software areas and improve understanding of your software, for example:

  • Structure diagrams
  • Behaviour diagrams
  • Activity diagrams
  • Use Case Diagrams
  • Interaction Diagrams