Open Job Offers: Senior Software Engineers and QA Analysts

software engineering

Agile Company in the UK
Software Engineering

Agile Software Development

We at Techifide follow the Agile Principles stated at the website: Our highest priority is to sati...

UML Diagram
Software Engineering

Software Analysis

We use different UML diagrams to model different software areas and improve understanding of your software. We produce, ...

Software as a service
Software Engineering

Software As A Service

SaaS is on the rise. It is cheaper from the maintenance and administrative point of view compared to on-premise licensed...

Big Data Software Development
Software Engineering

Developing applications for Big Data

Engineering software platforms for High Volume Transaction Processing (HVTP) require an array of skills and to...

Minimum Viable Product
Software Engineering

MVP, the Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a piece of software with just enough functionality so that it can go out to market. T...