We are a team of passionate people with a common goal:
Get the job done!

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision by directing individual accomplishment toward organisational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.


Ivan Gasparetto


After almost 20 years working closely with large UK organisations and creating a very successful software house in Brazil, called ValueSoft, Ivan decided to set up Techifide, providing UK companies that well-known passion that only a Brazilian developer can bring to the game.


Tiago Davi

Lead Developer

Tiago knows an incredible array of software languages, including OrientDB, ReactJs, and Elixir. He loves Elixir so much that he is about to publish the first book in Portuguese about it. Other than coding, Tiago works closely with Ivan to architect every project, and he helps other team members achieve their goals.


Denison Luz

Senior Front-end Developer

Denison is a highly passionate and experienced senior web developer and layout/graphic designer who loves to create unique, exciting user experiences and explore new ideas and build them to excellence. He has over 10 years of formal experience in large-scale web applications and leads Techifide’s front-end team.


Gustavo Pereira

Senior JavaScript Developer

Gustavo has followed Ivan since the ValueSoft times and has worked on many important projects. He is currently working with OrientDB and NodeJS. His strong JavaScript knowledge makes him capable of working with both the front- and back-end teams.


Rafael Almeida

Senior JavaScript Developer

Rafael is one of those rare young talents that every software company dreams of. Never scared of challenges and always happy to learn, Rafael delivers quality code in no time. He is very strong at Angular 2 and RxJS.


Jaqueline Pereira

Office & HR Manager

Jaqueline takes care of our team and everything that is office-work related. She ensures that Techifide employs the right balance of staff in terms of skill and experience and that training and development opportunities are available to everyone.


Henrique Zavareze

Senior Web Developer

Nothing is impossible in Henrique’s mind. He is a Front-end Developer with very strong JavaScript and SCSS knowledge and he’s worked at challenging projects for our clients and internally.


Bruno Ukoski

Senior Web Developer

Bruno likes Design Patterns, PHP, JavaScript and OrientDB. He is a great team member, constantly collaborating with his colleagues both in the development and in the architecture areas.