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We work with the power that drives entrepreneurs to succeed and walk alongside startups or new products, providing them the best experience they can have in terms of consultancy and service for an affordable fair price.


Treat every software or product as if it were our own!
Develop and maintain an Agile team
that is committed to deliver
at the highest standards in the market.



  • Graph Databases
  • Definição de Multi-Model Class
  • Exercícios em JAVA / Python / Node.JS / PHP
  • Exercícios em REST API

Official Partners OrientDB

Fast development with core software modules ready to use

Get a head start with our basic, pre-tested, out of the box modules.

Auth & Registration

Add, remove and edit users; login, logout and recover password. All ready to use.

People & Contacts

Add, remove and edit contacts. Keep your contacts organised into this module.

Cart & E-commerce

Sell online. Allow your customers to purchase, either as a registered customer or anonymously.

Organisations & Businesses

Companies and their structural arrangement. Get business organised with this module.

Products & Catalog

Create and manage products, any size, any type. Create your catalog with this module.

Reporting & Visualisation

Output beautiful visualisations, generate charts and useful insights from your

Chat & Commenting

Allow users to communicate with each other through your system. Full audit trail of their communication.

Document & PDF

Manage documents. Version control and export them as PDF.

Techi Talks

Custom Events in Angular

Custom Events in Angular 2

One of the main reasons for creating custom events is to provide and share information between diffe...

Highly experienced Agile Team

We are a team of passionate developers working with the most amazing technology.

From Angular2 and RxJs to NodeJS and Elixir. All powered by graph databases like OrientDB.

We work Agile in the most agile way you can imagine.

  • Standups
  • Code reviews
  • Pull requests
  • Client demos biweekly
  • Continuous integration
  • Agile boards and so on.

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Specialised personnel

English-speaking techies

UK-based Business Analysts, Project Managers and Software Engineers

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