Special recognition from the IT Industry

2020 UK IT Industry Awards Finalist - Techifide

While many home-grown tomatoes are ripening across UK outdoor spaces, awards season is bearing fruit for our growing business.

We’re delighted that Techifide has been selected as a finalist for Specialist Vendor of the Year in the Organisational Excellence section of the UK IT Industry Awards 2020. The BCS & Computing UK IT Industry Awards are a platform for the entire profession to celebrate best practice, innovation and excellence.

This national recognition at the highest level is a great achievement that we are all celebrating as we continue to deliver more and more ambitious software development projects for our happy clients.

Paul Fletcher, Group CEO, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, says: “Congratulations to Techifide for being shortlisted, they clearly demonstrate the highest levels of excellence and innovation across today’s IT sector. These awards showcase some of the most inspiring and best in our industry, and it is a significant achievement to be shortlisted.”

The judges considered the specialist nature of the groundbreaking work to revolutionise the UK’s construction industry, using advanced data transformation techniques, suitable for the highly-regulated context of major public infrastructure projects, to rapidly accelerate delivery.

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing, says: “Being shortlisted for the UK IT Industry Awards is a massive achievement, as it means that individual, team, organisation or product is among the best in its field. The unique, rigorous and independent judging process sets these awards apart and means that only the finest submissions are able to progress to the face to face judging rounds.

Their demanding criteria assessed Excellence, Innovation and Measurable Success, as well as the intrinsic quality that sets Techifide apart from other software development solutions: a consistent, professional approach:

My business is about people. Amongst all those I know, Ivan is exceptionally client focussed, professional and very motivating”. Mike Johnson – DBE.Careers

With a business culture that’s all about people, it’s fantastic to share our success with every member of the company. Although COVID-19 is preventing many of the glittering awards ceremonies going ahead this year, this does mean that our team in Latin America can also join in the celebrations as they take place remotely online. It’s a great example of the many ways industry is changing to support remote operations, something we’ve specialised in since the beginning with our unique model. And because it’s the way we’re used to working, we’ve been able to grow together even more during the pandemic.

Our founder Ivan has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Offshore Outsourcing – reach out and tap into his valuable consulting expertise.