Why Outsourcing to Latin America

Why Latin America?

It is a win-win game: Language, Timezone, Culture, Infrastructure, Value for money, Education
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When you think about all of the challenges inherent with Offshore IT Contract, it becomes clear why the Techifide model makes so much sense.

By engaging developers in Brazil and other Latin American countries, and working closely with the UK-Brazilian team, many of the negatives of outsourcing are actually transformed into benefits:


Our UK-based founder was born and raised in Brazil, so he understands the working practices and cultural climate our developers are working within. Communications are fluent because of their Portuguese and their English mastery. Brazilians generally speak good English, albeit with an American accent from media influences! 


Nobody really enjoys waking up at 3 am to talk to someone in Asia. The advantage of Latin America is that it’s behind the UK time. Brazilian time varies from -2 to -4 hours during the year. This allows a minimum of four hours of overlap in the afternoon of each working day.

Our UK team works on planning in the morning and they use the first working hours of the day to talk to our clients and answer questions raised the day before. When our developers come online, we have everything ready for them.

Outsourcing productivity is significantly enhanced because the offshore team starts at 12 pm UK time. This allows a healthy work hours overlap and plenty of interaction between UK and Brazil teams in the afternoon.


Brazilians are very easy-going, polite and happy by nature. It’s hard to find another country that’s more welcoming than Brazil. And this is infectious for everyone working with our Latin American developers. Not once have we seen a situation where cultural difference has stood in the way of business.


Brazil is a developing country but with cities comparable to London, New York or Paris. High-speed internet is available in most places, so Brazil is perfect for IT professionals who are willing to offer their services to overseas businesses.

Value for money

One Brazilian Real is one-fifth of a British Pound. The difference in currency allows us to pay developers a better rate than the Brazilian market, yet still charge much less to our UK clients than they would pay for a local or European contractor. This keeps our company profits healthy so that we can maintain a stable business and invest in continuous improvement to our services.


Brazil has fantastic universities that have produced skilled graduates, proving themselves to develop software of Silicon Valley quality. The country exports hundreds of well-educated IT professionals to North America and Europe every year but many prefer to stay in their country of origin, partnering with Techifide to do the same standard of work from their own home.