Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore IT Contract

Offshore contract like a pro: English Speaking, Extended time zone, Fair salary

But what makes us different? Here are four things:

English Speaking

We only engage developers that are good English speakers so there’s no need for time-consuming translation and no miscommunications. They understand requirements perfectly and present their work direct to our clients.

Extended time zone

Brasilia’s time varies from -2 to -4 UTC so you can have leadership and management discussions in the morning before the developers start fresh and ready for their brief. They work late into our night so there’s more progress to review the next day.

Fair salary

Money matters not only for our clients but also for our developers living in Brazil. We pay them well so that they stay with us longer, allowing clients to build long-term relationships.

Outsourcing productivity is significantly enhanced because the offshore team starts at 12 pm UK time. This allows a healthy work hours overlap and plenty of interaction between UK and Brazil teams in the afternoon. We often see an overall improvement in methodology and discipline in our clients’ internal processes from planning and working in this way.

Read the article at Gartner – Opens in a new tab has marked Offshore Outsourcing as a “corporate-imperative”, as a result of the myriad advantages it provides. Outsourcing can enable enterprises to reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and take advantage of external expertise, assets, and/or intellectual property. But it can come with unique risks and challenges so it’s wise to work with an expert Offshore Outsourcing company in the first instance. If you’re new to offshore, have a look at Techifide’s Offshore Program Checklist to see how we manage our outsourcing.

There is no shortage of Offshore options available for UK business in an increasingly global world. Access to specialist talent is in short, expensive supply in the UK but there are readily available software engineers across Europe and Asia. These markets are well-established and competitive, with huge variations in quality standards of development and client service. Good developers have plenty of options and move freely between companies and projects, which can impact on continuity for clients and long-term security. Latin America is a newer territory for software development outsourcing but has no shortage of talent.

International governance of companies harvesting talent offshore can be challenging and opaque but is reassuringly straightforward when outsourcing offshore with Techifide.