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Mums know best

In Techifide, we like to break paradigms, and we didn’t want our mums to contribute to the negative statistics that plague working mums, so we tried to be flexible with working hours and to listen to each mother’s individual needs so that we could provide them with the support they deserve.

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Special recognition from the IT Industry

While many home-grown tomatoes are ripening across UK outdoor spaces, awards season is bearing fruit for our growing business.

We’re delighted that Techifide has been selected as a finalist for Specialist Vendor of the Year in the Organisational Excellence section of the UK IT Industry Awards 2020.

This national recognition at the highest level is a great achievement.

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Growing together through a pandemic

Back in March 2020, COVID-19 was hitting Italy hard and we were starting to see the number of cases increase exponentially here in the UK. On the 23rd of March we went into nationwide lockdown. In Brazil, things weren’t looking very good either. Brazil, like the USA, is made up of many states with local governments and this decentralisation of power brought confusion and caused more harm than good.

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Love for our leader

We are delighted to announce that our founder, Ivan Gasparetto, has been shortlisted by the Global Sourcing Association for their prestigious GSA Professional Awards in 2020. Recognised as a key contender for Best Consultant, Ivan presented the vision behind his unique model for Offshore Outsourcing in Latin America to a judging panel last week. He

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Excellence as standard

This month, Techifide has been shortlisted for not one but two excellence awards from the Global Sourcing Association, home of the rigorous Global Sourcing Standard. Our founder, Ivan, is up for Best Consultant in the sourcing industry. And our Offshore Team have been recognised by judges as finalists for the Best Farshore Team category in Read more »

Running Bentley’s iModel Viewer

Here at Techifide we are passionate about the Built Industry and how technology can improve processes in the field.

In this post, we share our first experience with Bentley’s iModel.js, an open-source platform “for creating, querying, modifying, and displaying iModels“.
I am using Visual Studio Code, as the project structure is optimized for its use.

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Keeping Software Outsourcing costs low after IR35 enforcement

Although CoViD-19 has given us a year’s reprieve, from April 2021 HMRC starts to enforce IR35: the new legislation intended to capture more revenue from self-employed workers. From that date, many UK software development contractors who meet the following criteria, must be captured under their clients’ PAYE scheme: a worker who provides their services through

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Big Data

Engineering software platforms for High Volume Transaction Processing (HVTP) require a range of skills and tools in order for every piece of the application to work harmoniously and efficiently. It also means thinking quite differently. This post gives a bit of insight into the mind of a software developer working with challenges of scale…

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