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Excellence As Standard

Excellence as standard

This month, Techifide has been shortlisted for not one but two excellence awards from the Global Sourcing Association, home of the rigorous Global Sourcing Standard

Running Bentley’s iModel Viewer

Here at Techifide we are passionate about the Built Industry and how technology can improve processes in the field.In this post, we share our first experience with Bentley’s iModel.js, an open-source platform “for creating, querying, modifying, and displaying iModels“. I am using Visual Studio Code, as the project structure is optimized for its use.

ETL – Extract Transform and Load

There are several common use case scenarios where we need to EXTRACT data from a given source and TRANSFORM the data that we extracted so that it can be LOADED into a database or another system. In this article, I am going to talk about a CSV upload and a few of the considerations one needs to make to Extract, Transform and Load the CSV data into a database.

Big Data

Engineering software platforms for High Volume Transaction Processing (HVTP) require a range of skills and tools in order for every piece of the application to work harmoniously and efficiently. It also means thinking quite differently. This post gives a bit of insight into the mind of a software developer working with challenges of scale…
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