Offshore Outsourcing

Providing outstanding teams of software engineers

Put simply, outsourcing consists of one company contracting specialised services from another company. It could be that an organisation needs to complete tasks that it does not have skills or experience to do. Or it may be that they need to speed up the work by bringing in extra resources for capacity.

Software outsourcing is a great option for those who want to reduce costs in software development, especially at the MVP development phase. It offers the flexibility to scale up, in skills and capacity, for defined time periods, without the cost of bringing in additional employees.

Contracting with a professional outsourcing company like Techifide will ensure that the correct planning procedures are followed and legal compliance is managed correctly. Our extensive experience in software development outsourcing means that we can guarantee the standards and continuity of the teams we provide for your business.

  • Zero office costs
  • Zero management costs
  • Agile team ready to work for you
  • Specialised personnel
  • Experienced, English-speaking techies
  • UK-based Business Analysts, Project Managers and Software Engineers

Software development outsourcing done well can reduce project costs and risk by securing specialist skills and expertise when it’s needed.


Our Offshore software development team share an extensive range of coding language skills and have the confidence and competence to deliver across platforms: