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Your business is transforming but your systems are causing problems that can be solved with custom software development expertise.

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Your people are fully committed but you can do more with a flexible, cost-effective resource as an extension of your team.

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Agile Development

We believe in focusing on what we’re good at, so we provide exceptional software development. What that can achieve is virtually limitless – the solution depends on your challenge. From big data applications to artificial intelligence – we take your vision and make it happen.

Software Design

Software Design

Using data and behavioural intelligence, we get under the skin of your prospective users…

Software As A Service


Huge revenue potential when scalability is planned well



A piece of software with just enough functionality to go out to market…

Software Development Outsourcing

Remote Teams

Reduce project costs and risk by securing specialist skills and expertise when it’s needed…

Resource Planning

Resource Planning

Outsourcing Software Planning is a great way to mitigate risks…

User Experince


A good opportunity to involve important stakeholders within your business and partnerships…

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Techifide’s multi-talented software engineers, agile project managers and quality assurance professionals deliver innovation and excellence as standard.

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What Our Clients Say

We build long term partnerships with ambitious clients
who value straight talking and clear thinking.

Stewart Bell

Stewart Bell

They are flexible in their work approach, highly skilled and provide excellent quality code and intellectual property (all retained by GroupBC)


Mike Johnson

They don’t just understand what you want and deliver it, they come up with solutions, without the scope-creep


Products created
for the greatest brands in the world


Special recognition from the IT Industry

2020 UK IT Industry Award Finalist

While many home-grown tomatoes are ripening across UK outdoor spaces, awards season is bearing fruit for our growing business.

Excellence as standard

Techifide was shortlisted twice

This month, Techifide has been shortlisted for not one but two excellence awards from the Global Sourcing Association, home of the rigorous Global Sourcing Standard

Techi Talks

Sharing knowledge and insights into Offshore Software Outsourcing

Outsourcing for OKR success

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) – these are not new. Like many great business concepts, they originated in the 1980s and have stood the test of time. Popularised by Google in the 2000s, they’re now common parlance across big business. Indeed, any smart business focussed on growth and profitability will have some kind of measurement framework in place, whether that’s referred to as OKRs or something else strategic goal-oriented.

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