Open Job Offers: Senior Software Engineers and QA Analysts

Techifide - Outsourcing and Software Development. An Agile company.

We believe great business is based upon
incredible people, quality and trust.

So we treat every software or product as if it were our own.

We develop and maintain Agile Teams that are committed
to deliver at the highest standards in the market.

And we work with the power that drives entrepreneurs to succeed,
providing them with the best experience they can have.

Accelerate today with Techifide

incredible people, quality and trust


We work in partnership with you and your current team, providing you with outstanding teams of software engineers.

Gartner has marked Offshore Outsourcing as a “corporate-imperative”, as a result of the myriad advantages it provides. Outsourcing can enable enterprises to reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and take advantage of external expertise, assets and/or intellectual property.


We are a team of passionate developers working with the most amazing technology.

We provide Agile Coaching and educate teams to work in the most agile way you can imagine.

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    Code reviews
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    Pull requests
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    Client demos biweekly
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    Continuous integration
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    Agile boards and so on.


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    Specialised personnel
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    English-speaking techies
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    UK-based Business Analysts, Project Managers and Software Engineers

Techifide’s Outsourcing Program demonstrates an IRR (Internal Rate of Return) well over 100%. Our IT projects are routinely approved with an IRR well under 70%. The savings generated are difficult to match with other initiatives.



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    Test the product idea with minimal costs
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    Quickly learn about your product
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    Make your product live for testing as soon as possible

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    No HR costs

    We have the resources ready. In the case our developers are busy in another project, we bring new developers in. They must pass technical and non-technical interviews.

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    English Speakers

    We only employ developers that are good English Speakers. They are all perfectly able to understand requirements and verbally present their work at our biweekly Show & Tell sessions

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    If you have a problem with your knee, you try to find the best specialist doctor you can in the area you required. There is no difference in recruiting a Software Engineer. The right person for the right job.

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    Quality vs Speed

    By having specialised teams, we are able to provide quality in a short time. This allows you to go to market quicker and us to provide well-documented and well-tested software.

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    We automate everything

    Time is money – cliche but true. We would rather spend time automating a repetitive task than delivering the job earlier. This is because you can save in the mid and long run.

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    We test… and test again.

    In Techifide, Testers are treated with the same respect as our Senior Developers. Our Testers understand code and Test Automation. They are able to challenge Developers at Code Reviews.

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Techifide’s Outsourcing Program leverage time differences to shorten system and product development life cycles. Productivity can be significantly enhanced because the offshore team starts at 12 am in UK. This allows a healthy work hours overlap and sufficient interaction time between UK and BR teams in the afternoon. We suggest  focussing on planning and management in the UK morning, so that our Brazilian team have a clear plan set for the day when they wake up. UK teams can review the offshore team’s work as well as get ready to answer any questions during the UK morning. We frequently see an overall improvement of methodology and discipline in our partner’s internal processes.

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Techifide is a UK company providing software development outsourcing and software development through agile teams.